Monday, March 16, 2009

Status update and need for help

Searching for any connections to Treadaway, Buras, Ronquillo, Dell, Harmier, Hingle, Landry, Jeanfreau, Walsdorf, LaBauve, Perez, Trahan, LeJeune, Schutter, Schroeder, Schaller, Kuntz, Barth, and associated south louisiana families.

Any contacts will be added to my facebook page as a friend if you want. I maintain a 120,000 individual database of South Louisiana Families that are connected in up to 15 to 18 generations.

I need help with dead ends and cousins currently living. I took a hiatus for a year and need to get back to documenting relationships and establishing relationships with cousins.

I am also looking for a COMMITTED COUSIN to TAKE OVER this work when I retire from genealogy.


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